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Muskoka Mudita - Mushroom Tea Co. | Wholesale Distribution |

We're so fortunate to be partnered with Annex Distribution, giving us the ability to share more of our artisanal Chaga products with amazing retailers across Ontario and beyond! New products coming soon!

As a thank you use promocode: MuskokaLove for $100 off your first order!

Promo Link: https://annexdistribution.com/discount/MuskokaLove


About Annex Distribution:

We are a new local food distributor helping connect local makers with independent retailers. We don‘t have any case packs, so you can order any quantity of any brand we sell and it all ships together.

Order online at www.annexdistribution.com/discount/MuskokaLove.

Order by midnight, get it tomorrow once a week across Ontario south of Sudbury. The order minimum is $200 that you can spend across over 130 local makers. Any items that are shelf stable you can return within 90 days.

If you have any questions, email hello@annexdistribution.com or call (833) 240-5040. Use promo code MuskokaLove for $100 off your first order.