Frequently Asked Questions


Is Chaga Tea safe?

Chaga tea has some amazing health benefits, we always recommend speaking with your doctor prior to consumption. Especially for those who are undergoing medical treatment,  diabetic, pregnant or breastfeeding.


How much Chaga Tea should I drink?

We recommend no more than two (2) servings per day for adults (one bottle) and one (1) serving per day for children (1/2 bottle) but always speak with a medical professional prior to consumption.


What does Chaga Tea taste like?

Our Chaga Tea has a light, slightly sweet taste with a hint of vanilla thanks to its naturally occurring vanillin.


Where does Chaga come from?

We forge our Chaga from the Birch trees of the Muskoka's. Although Chaga can also be found in other cold climates, we prefer to use strictly Muskoka Chaga to ensure our product is purely Muskoka made.

Why should I drink Chaga Tea?

Chaga Tea has been consumed for centuries for its believed health benefits. Being one of nature's greatest antioxidants. Please see our Studies on Chaga page to learn more about this super mushroom.

How can I drink it warm?

To heat up our Chaga Tea we recommend heating it in a pot on the stove. Heat it until it is just warm enough to drink and try not to boil the Chaga Tea as that will remove some of the nutrients.