Premium Hand-Crafted Chaga Products

Premium hand-foraged Chaga products, all sustainably foraged from the forests of Muskoka. Working with nature to help both people and planet thrive.

What is Chaga?

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a rare mushroom that only grows from Birch trees in cold northern climates. Revered for centuries as an essential part of ancestral apothecary.

Needing to be hand-foraged, it requires considerable physical labour, similar to that of truffles. There's a significant amount of time searching. Once found, Chaga has a hard exterior and cork-like interior.

With Chaga possessing some of the highest amounts of antioxidants and melanin on the planet

Known as the King of Mushrooms, this super-brew aids overall well-being all while tasting of maple and vanilla. Traditionally consumed as tea.

  • Our Promise

    We want both people and planet to thrive. Every item we sell, we plant a seed. Every hundredth, a tree. Wildflowers and milkweed seeds to aid in strengthening monarch and bee habitats.

  • Adventure

    At the edge of Muskoka's forests, our journey begins. Chaga cannot be grown, only found wild-crafted from nature. From here our community of mission-driven foragers start their explorations.

  • Conservation

    We're so grateful for our community of Chaga foragers. Adhering to traditional foraging techniques, we map all our trees and harvest from one of every three trees with Chaga.

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